Annual Report 2012
  • Introducing TME

    Back in 1999, Sam Morgan founded Trade Me believing a website would be more efficient for trading than the previous established models like newspaper classifieds.
    Thirteen years later, Trade Me has become the place where Kiwis buy and sell online.
  • A solid financial year

    We were pleased to deliver our shareholders a solid financial result. Trade Me's overall performance was good, especially given the cautious state of the wider New Zealand economy.
    We were pleased to hit the targets we set out in the prospectus in November 2011. The Trade Me team has worked hard to deliver earnings growth every year since 2001, and this year was no exception: EBITDA was up to a record high of $110.4m. Underlying growth, excluding the benefit of the AutoBase acquisition, was up 2% on what we forecast at IPO time.
  • Mobile on the rise

    This year we've been focused on doing a better job for our members around mobile: we've now got 11 smartphone/tablet applications and mobile-optimised websites across multiple platforms.
    We've continued to see strong growth in mobile activity: it accounts for 8% of the total sales in our core marketplace and more than 1,000 items are listed on Trade Me via a mobile device every day.
  • Not (just) a garage sale

    Trade Me is well-established as the place Kiwis go to buy and sell secondhand items online, but we see a great opportunity for us around new goods.
    Our large audience of buyers is hungry for an expanded range of new items so we are working hard to build supply.
  • Our community: you rule!

    The Trade Me community continues to be a hotbed of creativity, entrepreneurialism, and Kiwi social commentary.
    This is best exemplified by the trio of auctions that joined our Top 10 "most viewed" list.
  • The back office

    Shareholders will be pleased to see we've kept a tight rein on our expenses, which came in under budget.
    We've grown our staff numbers in line with what we forecast and we now have 260 full-time staff.

Annual Report 2012

Welcome to the 2012 Trade Me Annual Report microsite, setting out various information relating to the year ended 30 June 2012. If you’re a Trade Me investor, thanks for your support. If you’re not an investor, we hope you find something here of interest.