Annual Report 2014

Trade Me Values

Who are we?

We are Trade Me.

We're part of an exciting industry and we have great prospects. We're a fun place to work. But regardless of our past successes, we understand that our future depends on continuing to be relevant, useful and good value to our members.

We're also a commercial enterprise, and as such we need to provide a return to our owners. Our owners are retail investors (people who have bought shares) and institutional investors (funds of money from the public).

We make money through charging fees for our services and through advertising. We aim to set our fees responsibly, and at a sustainable level that provides great value to our customers. We aim to display our advertising in a responsible way too, minimising disruption to our users.

Our seven values

We've identified seven values that do a pretty good job of summing up what's important to us, and who we aim to be.

1. Deliver awesome online experiences

Our products and services are focused on empowering consumers. As well as delivering awesomeness, we also aim to build things that are well-designed, easy to use, reliable and genuinely add value to our community.

2. Be entrepreneurial

We are always innovating, and we like doing things fast. We value optimism, and we look for opportunities in change. We're not afraid to try things and fail, as we're more concerned with learning than dishing out blame.

3. Care about our community

We care about our members, our clients, our shareholders, and our staff. We are willing to empathise, listen, and engage in conversations (but not smother them). We are a good citizen, and committed to making meaningful contributions where we can. We like to help.

4. Be trusted & straight up

We rely on being a trusted place for people to visit online. We must remain authentic, honest, and always front up to explain our position in a non-robotic way. Inside the business, we trust our staff and we encourage them to share their thoughts early.

5. Decide & act on merit

We have a healthy disregard for hierarchy in our decision-making. We prefer to rely on data and good judgment; we measure everything. We value fearlessness and fairness in representing a point of view.

6. Hire & grow great people

We work hard to hire the right people. We value energy, optimism, flexibility, creativity, and a non-serious streak. We're informal but focussed, and much more interested in ideas and execution than the clothes people wear. We celebrate together when we do well.

7. Don’t be a dick

This means what it says. It's all about treating people with respect, being responsible and keeping a sense of humour.